The API Keys are what you will use in your client application whenever you make a request to the SnowShoe platform. They are how the SnowShoe platform identifies your application in each request. They are coded into your app. You will only need to use one of the two API keys in your client application however both are valid.


Regenerating your API Keys

We provide you with 2 API Keys to allow for easy key regeneration without any downtime.

If you need to regenerate API Key 1:

  1. Ensure your application is configured to use API Key 2
  2. Click the "Regenerate" button under API Key 1 and confirm

To regenerate API Key 2, repeat the steps above by swapping the keys.


Be careful regenerating API Keys

The old API Keys will no longer work after a new key has been generated and cannot be recovered. All requests to the SnowShoe platform using the old API key will be rejected.

Please take care when going through this process to ensure all applications using the key you want to regenerate have been updated to use the other key.