Cracked screens and screen protectors

Cracked screens and thick screen protectors have been known to cause issues with stamp readability.

More Information

Below is a known list of issues with the platform, planned pathways to resolution, and current status.

I received the Error Page, what does that mean?

It means that your phone didn’t detect all five points of the stamp. Try stamping again to ensure flat, solid contact between the device screen and the stamp.

I received the Invalid Stamp screen. What does that mean?

It means that the app was expecting to see a different stamp than the one it observed. You can see this page again if you touch SnowShoe’s demo stamp screen with your five fingers.

If you see this page consistently while using SnowShoe’s demo with your stamps, please contact us.

The stamp doesn't work when my phone is not being held. For instance, when it's resting on a table.

Stamps use the capacitive properties of your touchscreen, which register touches by sensing a change in the electrostatic field that results when your body, an electric conductor, touches a particular part of the screen. Just as a phone senses your fingers when you tap or gesture, it senses a specific pattern on the bottom of the stamps in the same way. Because your body provides much of the energy for the interaction, it's important that you hold the phone while stamping.

We are working on mounted installations and can provide you with some specific rigging instructions if this is important to your implementation that will maximize stamp recognition success.

One or both of the my stamps work intermittently.

If the stamps work, but not consistently, try holding the phone and slightly rotating the stamp once it's touched to the screen to see if you observe better results. Make sure your phone isn’t plugged into a power source.

We are working on modifying the stamp and the algorithm to improve the stamp success rate. Don't hesitate to reach out if you continue to have issues. We can look into replacing your stamp(s).

Stamps are not working on my HTC One.

HTC One’s default settings are initially set to only detect 3 finger gestures, however, the device can detect up to 10 simultaneous gestures. To fix this issue go to:

  • Settings > Displays and Gestures
  • Uncheck “HTC Gestures ~ Enable 3 finger gestures and ignore gestures with more fingers.”

I think my stamp is damaged. What should I do?

You’ve tried everything above and you still can’t get your stamps to work?

Contact us directly if you are only getting an error page with both stamps. We would like to find out what device you are testing and walk through potential issues. Contact us and we'll send you another stamp as soon as possible.

If you find other bugs or need additional information please contact us with details.