A very small percentage of consumer phones (less than 1%) presented for a stamp can have either a severely cracked screen or a non-standard thick screen protector. In order to serve these customers and enable the stamp event, we recommend using a fall back or work around with a button on the stamp screen (small) and a special 3-digit code. Below is a graphic example of a simple implementation of this approach.

There will be a little extra coding needed for this page, which could be in your stamp page templates, to facilitate this alternative method. The result from this manual authentication should point to the same page as the success page delivered after a normal stamping event.

Please note that any authentications using this work manual input work around will NOT show up in your SnowShoe Dashboard as this was not an actual stamp event. However, these transactions can be reported in your onsite analytics should you choose.

Obviously, staff will need to be trained to take this manual approach should a stamp not be recognized due to one of these issues. The secret code should remain known only to the staff and of course could be rotated periodically, with a little additional coding.


Are you having issues with a specific device? Contact us with details.