Sending the Request to the API

There are a number of server-side libraries available to relay stamp events to our API. The readme files located in the respective GitHub repositories will provide more details on how to implement the SDK of your choice.

If you choose to build your own, here are a couple of references you might be interested in:

Handling the API Response

A successful stamp response will include the serial number written on the side of the stamp and the customName configured in the Stamp Settings of the Client Portal. Using one of these values, you will make a decision on how to proceed with your user.

  "stamp": {
    "serial": "DEVA",
    "customName": "DEVA"
  "receipt": "14b565f2-0bbd-41e7-acba-67b948e4b076",
  "created": "2020-02-15T00:45:04.7639213Z"