The stamp endpoint receives a JSON object with a single property containing a Base64 encoded array of point data and returns a JSON stamp object containing its serial, custom name, unique receipt, and receipt creation time.

  "data": [[264,172],[267,371],[242,286],[69,375],[66,221]]

data - Array of the measured stamp point values. This particular value equates to a DEVA stamp serial number.

  "stamp": {
    "serial": "DEVA",
    "customName": "DEVA"
  "receipt": "14b565f2-0bbd-41e7-acba-67b948e4b076",
  "created": "2020-02-15T00:45:04.7639213Z"

serial - Serial number etched into the side of the physical stamp
customName - Custom name assigned to this stamp (configurable via the client portal)
receipt - Unique value for the request
created - UTC timestamp of the request